Hi … welcome to my world … wimsey’s world of wearable art

Upon reflection, I realize that I have been designing something, and involved with textiles for the majority of my life. Great Aunt Gwennie taught me to sew on her treadle sewing machine when I was quite young. She very kindly put blocks on the treadles to allow my feet to reach them! That was the beginning …

From a young age, my Mom would encourage me to choose fabrics and pattern designs of my liking … and so began a lifetime of ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ colour and design.

I design and produce one-of-a-kind wearable art clothing … no two pieces are the same. Beautiful and diversified fabrics have always inspired my imagination … they tell a story. When I am creating, I choose to allow the fabric design and colour combinations to speak for themselves.

My line of ‘wimsey wraps’ are created from 100% wool or 100% silk …comfy and cozy and contemporary!

Some of my design combinations are whimsical, some are off the wall, some are sedate and some are elegant … however, all are built for comfort and your enjoyment.

… from Canada with love …


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